Larger Format – New Release Date!

Apress is now able to offer its textbooks in a larger, wider format that lends itself better to textbooks and technical books with lots of graphics and code inserts. The decision was made between the authors and the Apress editorial team that it was worth pushing back the release date by a month or two, in order to allow time for our book to be reformatted for the new size. The scheduled release date is now tentatively set for early November, and the book (in its new format) is already available for preorder on Amazon. Continue reading Larger Format – New Release Date!

Release Scheduled for August 2019

As the book enters the final phase of production, it’s looking like Apress is shooting for an August 2019 release date. All of the technical and editorial reviews have now been completed, so the last major task prior to release is checking through the final proofs. Assuming that this all goes well, the book should be on track for an August release. We’ll keep you updated as things progress, so watch this space! Continue reading Release Scheduled for August 2019

Apress is publishing our book!

Yes, this is happening! We have signed a deal with Apress to publish Python for the Life Sciences. The book should be available sometime early in the summer of this year. It’s the end of May 2019 as I write and the book is actually in the final stages of production. The book is already available for pre-order on Amazon, and although the projected release date on the site is December 2019, the book will be available much sooner than that! Apress always like to quote a much later projected release date in the early phases of book production, but … Continue reading Apress is publishing our book!