Intensive 3-day online Python course March 24-26, 2021 – Registration Now Open

Already successfully taught to researchers at Harvard Medical School and MIT, this workshop-based course Python For Life Scientists, is now available as an intensive, 3-day online course that students take over the web – all that is needed to take the course, is a computer with a decent internet connection.

Although this course is offered online it has live, instructors who give the lectures and guide the students through the assignments- providing assistance, feedback and even one-on-one tutorial-style help with the real-world problems that the students get to tackle. All of the course material is web-based, even the Python coding platform! This avoids the time that would otherwise have to be spent doing a Python installation on the laptop of every student, and it also ensures that every student is working in the same Python environment. The teaching starts right away!

Please note that enrolment is limited to 30 students for this next session.

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