Python for the Life Sciences

A gentle introduction to Python for life scientists

By Alex Lancaster & Gordon Webster

Ebook $37.95 | Print $49.95

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Python for the Life Sciences is an intuitive, fun and easy-to-follow introduction to computer programming in Python specifically for biologists with no prior experience of writing code. Find out how to use Python to automate lab calculations, search for gene promoter sequences, rotate a molecular bond, drive a 96-well plate robot, build a cellular toggle switch, model animal coat pattern formation, grow a virtual plant, simulate a flu epidemic, or evolve populations. Your purchase includes downloads of all of the code examples in the book.
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Amber Biology is now offering training in Python tailored for life science research organizations based upon our book. Please check our Python course page, sign-up on our book mailing list or email us at if you’d like to offer training in Python at your organization.

What people are saying about Python for the Life Sciences

“A lovely book with humor and perspective”

John Novembre, Associate Professor of Human Genetics, University of Chicago and MacArthur Fellow

“Fun, entertaining, witty and darn useful. A magical portal to the big data revolution”

Sandro Santagata, Assistant Professor in Pathology, Harvard Medical School

“Alex and Gordon’s enthusiasm for Python is contagious”

Glenys Thomson Professor of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley

Python for the Life Sciences is written by the Partners at Cambridge, Massachusetts-based firm, Amber Biology, with decades of collective experience in life science R&D.

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